” The Leader of  Koi Exporter from Vietnam”

 Vietnam Tropical Fish. We have networks of  Koi  breeding , koi dealer and  koi farm , they can supplies high quality  koi popular  pattern , best color and  good health to our company . All of our koi breeding and koi farming  pass check  and control for restricted area for free virus KHV and have the certificate of  koi carp  farm for export from The Fisheries Department of Vietnam. That  confirm quality of our koi fish export  to our customer in USA , Europe , Middle East  etc . the quality of our koi fish is same like Japanese  koi because we import parent from The Leader of Japanese koi fish farm.

We have stock of koi supplies ready to ship  :

1. Assorted koi and  Selected  koi  fish    3″ – 16″

2. Assorted butterfly koi and Selected butterfly koi fish    4″ – 12″ ( Long fin koi)

3. Assorted  comet fish and selected comet fish  4″ – 6″